Steven C. Walscher Bio

Steven C. Walscher

As a fly tier in the 21at Century, I find myself working with a myriad of materials ranging fro Woodduck to modern synthetics. All of these materials combine so that my quest for a variety of warm and cold water patterns will entice a variety of species of fish!

My motivation for tying comes from many directions. First off, I’m a third generation family fly tier. My father taught me the basics of the art at an early age, as did his mother for him. Given this unique family heritage, coupled with my spiritual faith has been a tremendous motivational tool. Secondly, the unique history and traditions of fly tying have instilled a keen sense of tying savoy into my patterns. The are qualities of proportion and length that are critical in Catskill Dry’s, Rangley streamers, and a wide range of other patterns has become my springboard to venture into other disciplines in the tying theater. Lastly, one often times reflects on his/her success on the water as it relates to the tying of ones flies. While it seems only natural to revel in this justification, my personal motivation comes from a different source. I have caught many a great game fish on my own flies, but I generally find my reward in the form of a different venue, that being the great people I have met in my travels who have impacted my life.

So may personalities in the fly fishing industry have left and indelible image in my mind over the past half century. Family and industry professionals alike have been extremely supportive as well. I have been blessed over the course of the past decade to have had the pleasure of tying at trade shows throughout the Northeastern United States and Canada. This have given me a great deal of exposure to some of the worlds greatest fly tying personalities.