The Rebirth of Tuffleye

The rebirth of Tuffleye

I would like to introduce myself, my name is Kevin Hutchison and I am the new owner of Wet A Hook and Tuffleye. I have been A full time fly fishing guide here in the Texas Hill Country for over 25 years.

20 years ago Dr. Ned Lunt approached me with a unique fly tying product, I light cured epoxy, there was nothing like it on the market. He needed a few contacts in the fly fishing community and I was happy to help. Fast forward 20 years and I received another call from Ned asking me if I could help him sell the company. I immediately saw the opportunity and purchased the company.
When I took over the company it was basically in a state of hibernation and had been for about two years. There are a few reasons none of them had to do with the product itself. It was still the great product that had lead the way for many other companies in the light cure epoxy market. 

I’m writing to you today because, in the past, you have sold our product and I would like to restart that relationship. We have ample supplies of all our products and they are available to ship immediately.

We are also working on alternative packaging, giving the customer the option of the classic syringes, squeeze bottles and “brush in the cap” bottles. These new option should be available in the next two months. We are also changing the overall packaging of the kits. Instead of selling them in the clear plastic blister packs we will offer them in a canvas zipper bag that the tiers will hold on to and reuse. 
These bags can be branded with your logo, at no cost to you, so that your shop’s name is always in front of your customer. Again, these changes should be in place in a month or two. 

The last area we are updating is web presence. We are rebuilding the web site and making it more informative and easy to use and compatible with cell phones. . We have opened an Instagram and Twitter page and will soon be opening a YouTube channel to support the products.We will be expanding our pro staff with an emphasis on younger, innovative tiers while keeping our more expedience tiers, offering our customers a wide range of ideas and techniques. 

In closing I would like to ask you to consider restocking with Tuffleye products and giving your customers a safe alternative to the UV cured products. We are still the safe, blue light cured, products that we have always been. You have my personal commitment to fill orders quickly and support our products in any way I can. As part of that commitment I would like to make you a special offer. For the months of November and December all wholesale orders will receive a 15% discount and free shipping. 

If you have any questions or any suggestions on how to make Tuffleye better please feel free to contact me directly via E-Mail, voice or text. 
Thank you for your time and I look forward to a new, productive, relationship.
Kevin Hutchison
Wet A Hook