What is Tuffleye Technology?

Tuffleye is a High Quality, Medical Grade, Acrylics That Cure in Seconds With Our Safe Visible Blue Light.

Although Tuffleye products will cure with either Visible Blue or UV light we do not advise using UV light for fly tying. Tuffleye stands alone as the only safe Visible Blue light cured acrylic for fly tying. Tuffleye acrylics are not classified as UV cured resins.)

  • Light Cured Clear Acrylic
  • Cures in 10-20 Sec. With Correct Light
  • Does Not Yellow Over Time
  • Insoluble in Fresh & Salt Water
  • Hard & Flexible Formulas
  • You Control The Working Time
  • Slipper Layer Can be Removed With Alcohol
  • Does Not Bond or Stick to Other Surfaces Like Glue
  • Highly Wearability & Crush Strength
  • Tuffleye Core is Harder Than Epoxy
  • Can Add Texture & Color
  • No Mixing, No Waste & No Offensive Chemical Odor
  • Easy to Use, Clean Up & Store
  • Proven Biologically & Ecologically SaFE
  • Slipper Surface is a Bonding Agent for Bonding of Additional Layers
  • Bonds to Other Surfaces Mechanically
  • Is Held in Place Mainly by Undercuts
  • Temperature & Chemical Strength

Epoxy is Messy, But Tuffleye is Clean, Clear & As Hard As Nails. Try it & You'll Never Use Epoxy Again.

The Tuffleye Advantage

Tuffleye is a new product offered by Wet A Hook, Tuffleye isn't a replacement for epoxy; it's better than epoxy. Epoxy cures due to a chemical reaction between the resin and hardener. Tuffleye, however, is a light-cured clear acrylic that doesn't harden until you bathe it in a specific blue light. With Tuffleye you have all the time in the world to shape and smooth the material before you turn on the light and cure the material. 
There are several advantages to using Tuffleye. First, there is no waste: simply squeeze out the exact amount you wish to use onto the fly, and then draw back the syringe plunger to pull any excess material back into the tube. Second, Tuffleye doesn't yellow the way epoxy can. And finally, there's no worrying about thoroughly mixing epoxy; Tuffleye will always cure to a hard, strong finish. 
Tuffleye is the perfect substitute for epoxy for tying flies. Use it for fashioning heads, wing cases, and other parts, or for gluing on rattles and eyes, Tuffleye is one of the best innovations in fly-tying material in years.